Girls Gymnastics Events

Girls Gymnastics Events

Girls Gymnastics Events – Artistic Gymnastics

It is a amazing sight to watch a girl gymnast soar through the air, and one can only wonder at the skill and grace a gymnast processes. Artistic gymnastics is a demanding sport, while being a lot of fun for young girls. Here is a short guide for girls gymnastics events.

Girls Gymnastics Events on the floor

Girls Gymnastics Events - The Floor Routine

Girls gymnastics events consist of 4 disciplines, each requiring strength, stamina, precise timing and grace:

  1. Floor
  2. Uneven Bar
  3. Vault
  4. Balance Beam

Girls Gymnastics Events Description

The Floor Event

The floor exercise gives girls gymnasts the opportunity to express their personalities through music and choreography. The floor exercise is very popular with the audience and is always appreciated. Throughout their routine, the gymnasts must execute dance elements and tumbling while making use of floor space.

In competitions, the floor routine is choreographed to music, lasting no more than 90 seconds and the routine covers the entire floor area. There are several requirements, such as leaps and turns, and may have four tumbling passes. The gymnastics moves should flow seamlessly into the next while the girls display pirouettes and turns in the routine.

In junior competitions in Sabah, depending on their level, this event may be executed without music and the floor routine is shorter.

Girls Gymnastics Events – The Floor
The Floor event requires strength, power and stamina throughout the entire exercise. While the routine is no more than 90 seconds, gymnasts must maintain peak performance and excellence. Expect to see powerful and exciting tumbling combined with graceful, fluid movements.

The Uneven Bar

Another crowd favorite, the uneven bars demand upper-body strength and split second timing. The routine should transit from one movement to the next without pauses. The routine consists of high-flying release moves, from low bar to high bar. The routines often ends in high-flying dismounts.

Girls gymnasts can earn a high difficulty value for combinations of handstands and pirouetting release moves. Or deductions for deviations and mistakes in their routines.

Girls Gymnastics Events – Uneven Bar
The uneven bar is one of the most demanding girls gymnasts events requiring precision and strength to be able to release and re-grasp the bars. Hours upon hours of practice for the perfect form and straight body lines in the vertical position, as well as a perfect landing.

Balance Beam

The balance beam as its name suggests requires balance from the gymnasts. Just four inches wide, the balance beam challenges gymnasts because they must execute routines that they are performing on the floor. The beam routine may not exceed 90 seconds and must cover the entire length of the beam. Gymnasts must use acrobatic and dance movements in the exercise.

Gymnasts must also complete several requirements, a 360 degrees turn on one foot and must perform a jump with 180 degrees forward split. A deduction is given for unsuccessful execution, and a full point is deducted if the gymnast falls from the beam.

Girls Gymnastics Events – Balance Beam
Many gymnasts find this girls gymnastics events one of the hardest of all exercises. The gymnasts must perform tumbling and dance elements on a 4 inches wide beam, complete with a stuck landing.

Girls Gymnastics Events – The Vault

Gymnasts perform vaults off the springboard in different body positions, tucked, piked or stretched. Generally, the more saltos and twists, the higher the difficulty value of the vault. Gymnasts are judged on proper body alignment, form, the height and distance traveled, as well as the number of saltos and twists. In addition, gymnasts should stick their landings by taking no extra steps.

The most explosive of girls gymnastics events, the gymnast must be intensely focused and prepared for the landing.

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  1. Saya berumur 12 thn dan ingin memulakan gimnastik. Apakah saya boleh menyertai gimnastik di kompleks sukan likas.. Saya hanya tinggal di Tuaran. Pada mulanya, saya ingin menyertai terjun tetapi nampaknya gimnastik lebih menarik.


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